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Biogas & Renewable Energy

Biogas & Renewable Energy (3)

Biogas is produced from fermentation of organic matter under anaerobic conditions. At Biogas Rec Company we provide the individual homes, grouped homes as well as wider communities with the complete biogas infrastructure. Besides, we assure the full optimization of produced gas by thorough training to beneficiaries, and adequate maintenance of biogas equipment.

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Renewable energy

Renewable energy (1)

Solar energy system, and Energy backup system


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Construction of Biogas plants and their accessories


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About solar energy, we do home and community solar energy installation and maintenance

We also install solar water heating systems, as well as solar water pumps for irrigation.


Also, we perform current power backup system in family homes as well as in great communities.



From Biogas to electricity

 Although our biogas energy providing focuses on cooking and lighting energy, we easily provide techniques related to the conversion of biogas into electricity.



The idea of constructing a biogas plant departs from the needs of the farmer


Our staff and our technical team meet with the farmer in order to assess the terrain and to agree on terms and conditions of the contract.

In most cases the contract includes:

· Adaptation of stables and toilets.

· Adaptation of kitchens and other gas consumption places.

· Construction of biogas digester and its accessories including the expansion chamber, the inlet and the outlet, the gas piping accessories, and  the canalization of manure.

· Training for further management and maintenance.



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