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Cooking equipment

Cooking equipment (2)

Our labor in producing clean gas for cooking is not limited to gas production. 

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We also make cook stoves of all sizes for biogas, charcoal and wood.

We make “Muveros” of various sizes. MUVERO is not our model, we use the term as do our clients. Otherwise it refers to large cooking pots  that include a food compartment and fire place.


Our clients prefer stainless Muveros. To satisfy their needs in the matter, we use metal sheets of  INOX meaning stainless steel.

The contract includes among others:

· The manufacturing

· The shipping to the client place

· The installation and

· The testing exercise.


We keep ready to replace or to repair, if any malfunctioning is raised not attributable to the client side.



We make various cook stoves from our workshop at the taste of the client


The decision of which stove to make is influenced by the type of the stove the client prefer, and those types refer to the type of energy at the disposal of the client:


· Biogas Cook stoves

· Charcoal cook stoves

· Fire wood cook stoves


We assure, free of charge shipping installation and of the stove .



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