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Biogas-Rec Company: Biogas, Renewable Energy, Water and Construction

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About Biogas-Rec Company

Biogas-Rec was created in 2007 with the aim of becoming the reference center for the safeguarding of environment and sanitation in Rwanda and in the sub-region.

From the beginning, we have put our efforts in solving energy, water and sanitation problems in farms and communities by:

·The construction of individual and combined biogas plants and their maintenance .

·Providing required infrastructure for water supply and storage.

·Construction of various purpose houses.


Our experience was accompanied with success, up to date, we never failed to satisfy client’s expectations.

We have won several tenders in the fields of our works that we excellently executed.

Our products and services

·Biogas and Renewable Energy

We construct biogas plants of all required sizes and we mostly focus on combined biogas plant system.

·Cook Stoves:

We make cook stoves for biogas, charcoal and wood.

·Water Tanks

Solving the issue of water crisis by the the construction of underground water masonry tanks that have a half-century lifespan.

·Water Supply and Distribution

We participate to the effort of distributing clean water especially in rural villages and agglomerations.

·Biogas To Electricity Conversion

We provide easy techniques of converting biogas into electricity

·Waste Management and Area Sanitation

We have a pilot project in Urugero agglomeration in Kamutwa cell, Kacyiru sector, Gasabo District, consisting of channeling home wastes into biogas digesters and we are looking forward to expand the project all over the country.

·Solar Energy

Our experiments focus on using solar energy in conjunction with biogas in order to allow the optimization of both energy sources.


Our address

KG 690 ST    

+250 788 858 379

+250 788 684 983

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