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Our next steps

Our next steps (3)

Our tempo and our operating mode are conditioned by the general developmental situation. That is why our ambitions are to spread our activities to so many villages in Rwanda and to expand them to the EAC countries.

Some of or projects have already started while others are still in preparation phase. Those projects are:

- Expansion of grouped biogas system, and grouped rainwater harvesting system,

- "Urugero" biogas project in Kamutwa cell, Kacyiru Sector, Gasabo District,

- Integrative biogas project,

- Hydro-power projects.


This proposal for the Integrative biogas project is solidly founded on the experiences of Biogas-Rec. We need expand our activities to a wider range of beneficiaries.

Our aim is :

·                                    To provide

·        Sound organic waste processing

·        Clean renewable energy

·        Sanitation

        To produce

·        Cooking gas

·        Organic fertilizer

·        Rain water harvesting


in an economically feasible and sustainable way


The Integrative biogas project’s
main elements

¡  Waste water collection for households

¡  Collection of organic waste from a slaughterhouse, schools in the area

¡  Treatment of waste to produce biogas

¡  Rain water collection and usage system  for bathing, flushing toilets

¡  Distribution system for biogas for cooking

¡  Marketing of liquid and solid fertilizer product

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We have started constructing biogas digesters in a densely populated area of Kigali to establish a local sewerage and solid waste treatment, while making secondary resources available.

BIOGAS-REC Ltd had an accelerating success constructing biogas digesters, water tanks and solar panels in Rwanda and Burundi since its foundation in 2007. The family business has constructed more than 70 biogas plants in Rwanda and Burundi, including three at the office’s location in Urugero.

 As the company is located in Urugero it can respond firstly and more flexibly, and in addition, BIOGAS-REC Ltd has a total value in liquid cash and materials to cater for upcoming issues in the process.

Consultants who are working with Rwanda since many years, support the company in conceptualizing social mobilization, training and monitoring & evaluation.


The local authorities in Urugero neighborhood in Kigali are actively supporting the implementation of the project through involving the community. The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has cooperated in previous projects of BIOGAS-REC. It will support this project with the acquisition of the permission of the project implementation as regards to environment safeguarding.


The local community of Urugero, which amount to about 1750 inhabitants has been consulted in a study carried out by Wageningen University in their needs towards a new sanitation system.

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Combined biogas system plant

Most of the biogas plants in our country are individual, household level plants. With our policy of living in agglomerations (IMIDUGUDU) where households are closely spaced in the heart of the village and with the country line of GIRINKA MUNYARWANDA and other animal husbandry, this may contribute to the increment of the total number of household’s cattle’s and other bovine animals and the animals This may contribute to the adoption of a new system of combined biogas system plants.  

Combined biogas system plant is a new system in our country where grouped houses (4+) are combining the same toilet and same cowshed with one digester where produced gas is distributed equally to everyone.

Within this system digesters are connected one to another with a pipe, having an advantage of sharing bacteria (anaerobic) and with some percentage of gas.

The design of these digesters depends on the location, the plant cannot be far off from the beneficiary and the size of the plants is primarily decided by the number of beneficiaries that signed up for the project. Special care has to be taken so that gas is supplied at each household with sufficient and equal pressure, irrespective of the distance of the household from the plant and the maintenance should be in hands of the cooperative in charge.

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Combined Rainwater  harvesting system

This system consists of constructing underground water  tanks where water from different roofs is collected in. With our national policy of living in UMUDUGUDU       where households are closely spaced in the heart of the village and  with the problem of water shortage and sanitation,  Biogas REC Ltd has established a system by which rainwater can be properly used and shared  within the agglomeration. Before water reaches the tank, it first passes through a layer of natural filters. in this system, tanks are grouped, there is a centre where people come for fetching water at  fixed place.

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