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Waste management

Waste management (2)

Our aim is "no waste management" by insuring the recycle of organic wastes especially for gas production.

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We have a pilot project in Urugero agglomeration in Kamutwa cell, Kacyiru sector, Gasabo District, consisting of channeling home wastes into biogas digesters and we are looking forward to expand the project all over the country.

The best use of manure


We make sure that manure provided by the biogas plant via outlet is well managed for soil fertilization.

The biogas digester releases quality manure under viscous  as well as under liquid state.

We sensitize farmers to the best use of those  2 types of manure, by if possible, packing solid manure in bags for further use, and canalizing or pumping liquid manure for soil fertilization. Solar pumps we provide are for a great importance for that matter.



As our motto states that we provide all in one solution, we have a pilot project in Urugero agglomeration of channeling water wastes from neighboring homes into one biogas treatment plant.

In exchange, some homes will benefit from the use of produced gas, and if applicable for the produced manure.

This is a sanitation project per excellence, as Urugero is one of sub-developed areas of Kacyiru suburb.


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